This is where I tell you a little about myself!

Let me start with one of my biggest pleasures in life, researching and locating vintage finds. You’d be amazed where you can find some amazing pieces: On vacation in Hawaii at a discount store called Savers, on a business trip to South Dakota with my husband, or at a local church “jumble sale”.

And sometimes my clients even bring me things, like the young man on a bicycle who was cleaning out his grandparents house of 60 years. Such wonderful pieces, with mysterious pasts!

My Passion

My passion for sewing has extended through most of my life, with my Grandmother Mabel first teaching me how to sew at the tender age of 6. She also taught me how to cook, but that story I’ll save for another time! My sewing career continued on into junior high and high school, with Home Economics classes. It was pure joy, and I have been sewing ever since, making costumes for musicals, dance teams, Portland based productions, equestrian shows and rodeo queens! So this is where I officially started my alteration business, in 2003, specializing in Bridal and Formal wear and it has turned into what you see today, when you visit my studio in the historic town of Silverton, OR.

I have met some amazing women, and some men, who over the years started out as clients, and I am now privileged to call my friends. This is why I love my career, because its not like coming to work at all, but more like Barbie dress up, for grown ups! We all know weddings are stressful enough without adding the drama of a big, fussy bridal store. My desire is to get to know you and your loved ones, so that I may better serve you and your needs, thus making your special day that much more special. I look forward to seeing you in my little piece of heaven, the She’s the Cats Meow studio!

Mabel Christine

Giving Back

My passion for my customers and my studio doesn’t stop there. I’ve been a strong advocate for women’s issues, and that everyone should experience the joy of volunteering for good cause.  I volunteer at the Brides For A Cause year round and especially at the Portland dress sale every year and its a wonderful event.  You can follow them on Facebook. This is a great organization and everybody should know about it!