We all want to look great in a dress! Or in anything, for that matter.

Brides often ask about dropping a few instead of letting out their gown just a smidge. That’s totally doable. But let’s not make our selves crazy over it, though. With all the stresses of a wedding, that’s easy to do.

Start with the simple things anyone can do. Replace soda and juices (that includes energy drinks and smoothies, sorry) with good old fashioned water! You can infuse it with lemons, limes, oranges, apples ,pears, pineapple and even cherries! Slice them up and throw it in, no fancy infuser needed. If your thirsty, your already on the way to being dehydrated. Google says half your current body weight in ounces per day will do you good!

Additional beverages to limit or stay away from… Milkshakes, no brainer. Lattes of course, it’s not the milk it’s the sugar (I’m just gonna cut back on this one). Beer and wine, but mostly beer. Again you have grain in the beer and sugar in the wine.

Then there is wheat… and not just carbs in general. Wheat does something, it bubbles and builds. I think you get the idea. It can last in your system for days and make you feel a bit uncomfortable.

So does this sound like I’m a kill joy? Maybe a little, but it’s good for you! AND you can drop 3 to 5 lbs in a short amount of time. Just that smidge you were wanting to not have pestering you on your big day! It comes down to cutting sugar and wheat.

Disclaimer,  I am not a dietitian nor a health coach. But I am someone who cares about you and what you care about. I’m here to love on you and help you feel like a million bucks!

You can do it!

With love, Suzette