When you find a dress that just makes you swoon, don’t you want it in every color and print? I DO! And I gotta have it now! Well I think I just found a dress that is going to be the “go to” for me this summer and she’s got a name. Betty! A cute name is always a draw for me. I saw her on YouTube. Then I saw her on Pinterest.  Then again on Instagram! We are meant to be together…

I will have to wait for her though. She will be arriving from the UK in about two weeks. (Insert a sad face here)  I’m ready for her now!

Did I mention she’s coming in pattern form? That just means I get to go shopping! But I won’t be going to the fabric store. And your thinking, really? Yes , really. I will be going to goodwill, yard sales, Church jumble sales and junking locations that are a secret.

For this amazing Betty I will be using vintage sheets, table cloths and yardage. Half the fun is in the hunt! And I can’t wait to get started!

So be on the look out in the next couple of weeks for updates!

Kisses! Suzette